Memoirs of a Fangirl

If I could have a title for my life’s story, this would be it.


It’s no hidden secret I am a nerd. I have an uncontrollable, irrepressible, ridiculously, brilliantly mad enthusiasm for things I am passionate about which involve Doctor Who, Star Wars, Superheroes, Hello Kitty, YA novels, Giant Fighting Mecha, the list goes on and on.

It all started when I was in High School and was introduced to Japanese Anime and Manga the summer I spent with my cousins and watched Ah! My Goddess The Movie for the first time. I went full-Otaku and launched into the realm of geekdom. I haven’t looked back since.

Although my passion for anime, manga, and Japanese culture has faded somewhat, it certainly hasn’t been any less exciting getting to live out High School Sarah’s Otaku dreams. I’ve dressed up as a Geisha. I got to see ndam Wing fighter in Odaiba. I’ve stopped by the Square Enix headquarters and got some pretty sweet Kingdom Hearts figurines. I hugged a real-life Baymax, squishy body with a carbon-based titanium core and all. I’ve been out to see the world and indulge my nerdiness along the way. And believe me, I don’t plan on stopping.