Day 49+48

Day 49+48: Okuma + Seawall

Am I cheating at this point? Well technically I am behind by 18 days. So. There.


Okuma Resort

Instead of kayaking in Hiroshima like I originally planned no thanks to shenanigans by some folks on the Oki-rock, I found myself back on said rock after a week-long excursion on the Mainland.

Not wanting to waste a perfectly good (not to mention perfectly rare) remainder of a clear and sunny weekend, my friend Haley was kind enough to drive us to Okuma for the day. Granted, on a map Okuma doesn’t seem that far off, but when you’re driving 50 mph on the designated expressway, yeah it’s quite the trek.

Okuma is a well known resort area on Okinawa, and there’s a section reserved for the military, which often means it’s not totally overrun by tourists, but given that there are well over 25,000 military+dependents on island, there’s still quite a bit of traffic.


Attempting to grill my marshmallow

Thankfully the beach wasn’t super crowded, while Haley and me took over an unoccupied grill in front of probably an occupied cabin and had ourselves an impromptu barbecue with hot dogs and s’mores.

Afterwards we floated a bit on my whale shark floatie and for lack of a better description, my water hammock, cause it had a net you sat in while suspended by an inflatable ring. Anyways, it was the best thing ever and of course I waited a year and the month before I leave to put it to good use. Figures.


Hers is vegan, I am an unapologetic carnivore

Then we made the long drive down back to my place by the Seawall, hunted down some burritos and watched the sunset.

The Seawall is this area by Sunabe where truthfully a lot of Americans live and there’s a bunch of bars and restaurants along, you can probably guess, a seawall. There are concrete barriers but still plenty of opportunities for people to go snorkeling or paddleboard and a walkway that stretches along the seawall where people bike or walk or job.


Being super adorbs

I live right on the Seawall (Which I guess for most people is THE PLACE to be, but I am a self-imposed hermit who’s deathly allergic to alcohol and most people, so it’s not exactly the greatest fit), but I’ve never sat on the Seawall to watch the sunset. I guess it’s a lot like the beach right in front of my apartment. Because it’s always there, I can always make excuses to go there another time. But that time is ending quite rapidly. Especially considering that the movers are coming to pack up my stuff less than a week.




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