Day 51

Day 51: Next time on Dragonball Z!


Running headlong into the 90s nostalgia, Dragonball Z also celebrated their 30th anniversary, prominently featured as a headlining snow sculpture at the Sapporo Snow Festival (Believe me, this thing was huge).

The big bad granddaddy of the fighting anime genre, Dragonball Z follows Goku, martial artist and friendly resident alien as he beats up bad guys threatening to destroy earth, each villain becoming more insanely stronger than the next.


For most people, myself included, Dragonball Z was the first anime series most people were exposed to, both compelled and annoyed to follow the series week after week, watching 30 minutes go by with the characters monologuing and powering up before a single punch was thrown (There are memes on this)

I’m not immune to the steady release of Dragonball goodies as I’ve acquired for meself figurines, pajamas, and dragonball onesies for my nieces and nephews.


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