Day 55

Day 55: By the power of the Moon!


When you think of Japan, one of the key words that comes to mind is Anime, and one of the most recognizable Anime characters is Sailor Moon.

One of the progenitors of the modern magical girl genre, Sailor Moon is 14-year-old  Usagi Tsukino (Which literally means ‘Bunny on the Moon’), who discovers she has cosmic magical powers and uses them to fight against evildoers threatening to destroy the galaxy with the help of her best friends and fellow magical girls and along the way discovers she’s a reincarnated princess, finds true love, meets her daughter from the future and all kinds of shenanigans.12670198_10101053438612432_8944280023559753729_n

I remember first watching Sailor Moon on Toonami on Cartoon Network, daydreaming what it would be like to fight monsters with superpowers in a hopefully stylish but functional outfit (Even at young age, I questioned the practicality of monster-fighting in heels. Badass stomping boots would’ve been more effective), and being annoyed at the end of every episode over the frustratingly slow plot progression and filler episodes (Which was a very 90s anime thing, i.e. Dragonball Z).

90s nostalgia has come back in full force and with it, the resurgence of popular television and series and movie remakes, including Sailor Moon. Although I haven’t kept up with the recent remake, I’ve done my share of collecting all the new Sailor Moon merchandise, figurines, key chains, makeup, the works.150

With luck, I managed to snag all 10 Sailor Senshi figurines, but I only held onto my favorites (Including Sailor Saturn and a chibi version of Princess Serenity).

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