Day 54

Day 54: Uniqlo


One of my all time favorite clothing stores, I was thrilled to be within reasonable driving distance of Uniqlo. The closest Uniqlo back home was in New Jersey. So trips to the store were far and few in between


Uniqlo, which is like the Japanese version of Gap, except more affordable and the clothes are way cuter, is primarily known for their winter gear. Which is exceptional when you live in DC and survived several snowmaggedons. Living on a tropical island where the lowest it gets is around 50 degrees, eh not so much. Still, I’ve had plenty opportunity to wear my beloved puffy jackets, down vests, and heat tech from wintery trips to the mainland to cold nights on the labor deck (I don’t know why it’s permanently 60 degrees in the hospital and even colder still when the temp drops between 0300-0600).


I am looking forward to moving back stateside and away from a tropical climate so I can go back to wearing my winter gear. And even more so excited that there is a Uniqlo in Seattle where I can continue to shop my favorite Japanese brand in American sizes (Cause a petite, stick-thin Asian girl I am not)


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