Day 56

Day 56: Blue Cave/Snorkel Reattempt




Really though, I am notoriously known for adventuring immediately after night shift when most sane people would go straight home and fall happily asleep in their beds. But when the opportunity strikes, you have to make the most of it, sleep be damned.

I had been eyeing this excursion hosted by Kadena Outdoor Rec for the longest time, but the timing was never right, whether I worked that day, I was off island, the trip was full or I just missed it completely. Thankfully, and of course right as I’m about to leave Okinawa, I managed to snag two spots and convince my work buddy Haley to travel with.


Now when I do adventure right after night shift, it can go two ways, either I get a second wind and get pumped on caffeine/adrenaline/sheer determination to power through. Or I turn into Queen Grumpypants, Supreme Leader of Sleep Deprivation.

Thankfully, I got Hyper Sarah instead of Grumpy Sarah, raced down Outdoor Rec after work, hopped on a bus and headed to Cape Maeda.


Underwater Selfie Attempt #6

The last time I went snorkeling, I won’t lie, it was all kinds of a struggle. I’m pretty sure I looked like a drowned fish to the other beachgoers in Hanauma Bay. This second go round, however, was much more fun, mostly because I had gotten a lot better at swimming in open water and I wasn’t flailing around by myself.


After paddling down the coast, we docked our kayaks at a nearby cove and after a quick tutorial on how to put on our fins in the water, we snorkeled towards the Blue Cave.


Underwater Selfie Success!

I get mildly claustrophobic, which is why I’m not keen on scuba diving, but I can deal with a snorkel mask. It’s the fin smacking, arm bumping, running into the swimmer ahead of you, I have trouble with.


Entrance to the Blue Cave

As soon as we made it into the cave, two by two, it was pitch black. Which doesn’t really help since I’m scared of the dark (Yes, I know, be quiet). Although we couldn’t see the blue in the Blue Cave above the surface, but underwater, it certainly lived up to the name. Blue is my favorite color and it was a definite treat to see the almost otherworldly shades of blue.

Once everyone had a turn in the cave, we swam and snorkeled for a bit. Several selfies later, we hopped back into our kayaks and paddled back to shore.

After everyone dried off, we went to a nearby market to find lunch. Being the rebel I am, Haley and I split dessert, a giant bowl of shaved ice with ice cream, azuki beans, sweet potato and palm brown sugar topped with condensed milk, then I had a hot dog (Dessert first please and thank you).


Dessert first!

We headed back to Kadena, drove home, stumbled towards my bed and fell dead asleep. I reluctantly got up a few hours later to get ready for work, but all in all a day well spent with gorgeous weather and awesome company. The next adventure is snorkeling with Whale Sharks! I’m praying the weather will hold out and it’ll be another beautiful day for an adventure.

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