Day 57

Day 57: BR 31

Would you believe me if I said this came from a Baskin-Robbins? And that it was delicious as well as insanely adorable? 

Yeah, not sure if I’d believe me either.

I find it fascinating that the Japanese are able to take franchises that we Americans might be slightly skeptical of in terms of quality (And let’s be honest, cleanliness/likelihood of food poisoning) like 7-Eleven or Baskin Robbins, otherwise known as 7 & I and BR-31, and turn them into reputable businesses. Seriously, I could walk into a 7-Eleven, pick up a bento box, and eat it on the go for a quick lunch without a second thought. Compared to the 7-Elevens in the US, I’d see the hot dogs and and keep on walking.

 There’s an incredibly high emphasis on customer service and quality that just isn’t seen consistently throughout the US. It’s oddly refreshing to see employees take pride in doing a good job for even the most menial of tasks whether manning the cashier or scooping ice cream. I’m definitely not looking forward to the harsher reality of “customer service” back stateside.

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