Day 61

Day 61: Lazy Egg Life


One of my newfound favorite characters while living in Japan is named Gudetama. Created by the Sanrio Company, Gudetama is an egg, specifically a raw egg who finds everything pointless and wonders when he will be eaten someday. I know, kinda odd, but what I find him so appealing (Other than he’s an anthropomorphized egg and eggs are delicious) is his reluctance to do anything. In Japanese, ‘Gude’ means having no strength or motivation  and ‘Tama’ means egg. He is literally a meh egg, the epitome of ‘meh.’


For myself, I use ‘meh’ to describe my reluctance to do things like chores, laundry, homework, taskers at work, essentially things you really don’t want to do but you know you have to do it. I guess that’s why I find Gudetama so relatable because I usually find myself not wanting to do things but I know it’s part of being responsible and accountable for your actions. I call it the reluctance of being a grown-up.

Gudetama is so lazy, he’s usually found lying about on a bed of rice, hanging onto his eggshell, or covering himself with his blanket which is a slice of bacon, very much like me pulling the covers over my head because I just don’t want to be bothered or get out of  bed period.

Like all good Sanrio characters, Gudetama has quite the impressive collection of merchandise, plushes, bento boxes and the like. He even has his own character cafe in Osaka, which I plan on dragging my brother to when we go to the mainland in June.


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