Day 64

Day 64: Tea Ceremony

I did fangirl a bit when I signed up for the Tea Ceremony tour by MCCS (Marine Corps Community Services). Was it a little overpriced. Yes. Did it go on a little too long for my liking. Not denying that. But it was hella fun.

It was a lovely crash course into the formalities and dynamics of tea ceremonies and the hosts were very accommodating given our limited to none Japanese (Anyone willing to go halfway and communicate in English with my broke-broke Japanese is a Godsend).


I went twice, first time with a group of 5 people and the second with a group of 9. I can get a little overwhelmed with large-ish groups of people so I didn’t enjoy the second go round as much as the first. The first visit felt more leisurely and we had more time to understand the tea ceremony and the proper etiquette. The second in comparison felt more rushed. Plus it didn’t help that some of the other people weren’t paying attention to the actual ceremony itself so it felt more chaotic. Still, I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to dress up in a kimono, drink green tea and be offered mochi sweets.


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