Day 67

Day 67: Manga Souko

A hobby I dearly miss is thrift store hunting. I come from a family of bargain hunters so a favorite pastime of ours is finding nifty things from thrift stores. There really aren’t that many thrift stores out here on Okinawa, except for a 24 hour store called Manga Souko

There’s really not much you can’t find in this store. I’ve found my share of character figurines, beautiful kimonos and obi belts, even a bike I’ve been keeping my eye on the past few times I’ve visited.

But like most thrift stores and bargain hunts, if you don’t get it right then and there, most likely it’ll disappear. Which really doesn’t help my wallet by any means. But I will miss this little spot. There aren’t too many 24 hour thrift stores stateside and this has gotten me through some very long nights during my off days when I work night shift.

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