Day 73

Day 73: Fuji-San


It’s certainly something I don’t plan on repeating anytime soon, but I am thankful for the opportunity to climb Mount Fuji and watch the sunrise in the land of the rising sun.


The trek was not easy. I had been sick for almost a month and barely recovered from bronchitis and had definite thoughts about cancelling the trip all together. Thin air + High Altitude + No physical training + weak and sickly lungs = Not good for Sarah.

Nevertheless, I went.


And it was difficult. One of the most physically grueling things I’ve done so far (I have a triathlon coming up in a week and that might top climbing Mt. Fuji. Please pray I don’t break anything or spit up a lung. I’m mildly terrified of the swim in open water to say the least). It certainly didn’t help that we ended up going on the 2nd most difficult (But fastest) trail, the way was so steep it felt like I was crawling up the mountain, and there were a couple times I almost passed out from exhaustion and lack of oxygen (The air is seriously thin, altitude sickness is no joke). It didn’t feel any better when I busted my knee on the way down and took a about a week or so before I could comfortably bear weight on it again.


But I did it.

I climbed to the top. I made it back down. And I’m still standing. Mostly standing in one piece.


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