Day 69

Day 69: Whale Shark Bait Hoo Ha Ha


I see shark and I can’t help but add bait hoo ha ha. Doesn’t help that Finding Dory comes out next month. And it features a whale shark! So stoked.


Whale Sharks unlike their carnivorous cousins, are more peaceful with filters to feast on plankton instead of sharp incisors on other fishes (Fish are friends, not food). They can be found in the Pacific and are featured in aquariums from Atlanta to here on Okinawa.

It’s really hard to go anywhere on Okinawa without seeing a whale shark, they kinda go hand in hand and are pretty much the other official mascots of Okinawa (Next to the Shisas).

I have a soft spot for these gentle giants and would very much like to swim alongside them someday or see them in their natural habitat while snorkeling (Cause I can’t do scuba, I get super claustrophobic and I can barely snorkel without losing my mind a bit)

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