Day 76

Day 76: Miyazaki and the Kingdom of Dreams and Madness


In the beginning of my otaku days, the first Hayao Miyazaki film I watched was Princess Mononoke. It took me several watches to understand the film in its entirety, but by then I was hooked and became a fan of his work.

There are still many films of his and Studio Ghibli’s I need to catch up on, but my favorite to date is Spirited Away, where a 12 year old girl named Chihiro gets swept away into the Spirit Realm to rescue her parents and find her way home. The animation and story are excellent and it’s remarkable to watch the character development of Chihiro from a scared child to a more assertive, brave young woman, something which Miyazaki excels at creating strong, incredible female characters.

I was able to fulfill another dream of mine by visiting the Ghibli Museum in Mikata, Japan, about 30 minutes outside of Tokyo via train.

Unfortunately, pictures aren’t allowed in the museum,so I was only able to take pictures of the outside building and the top floor garden. It was challenging to buy tickets ahead of time, as you can only enter the museum with pre-purchased tickets at a set time. But I would say it’s a definite must see for fans of Studio Ghibli. My little fangirl heart was all aflutter when I went through all of the exhibitions hand selected by Hayao Miyazaki.

My only regret was not being able to sit and order from the museum cafe (I really wanted a parfait with Totoro shaped chocolate). But it was chilly and the hanger pains were determined not to be ignored.

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