Day 75

Day 75: Hello Kitty World

Two and a half months until I return stateside, believe me it’s getting more surreal as the days pass (Too quick and yet not fast enough). So let’s talk about something quite near and dear to my heart, Hello Kitty.


And Hello Kitty!

I’m not sure when the obsession started, but I’m sure it was when I was young and was told that buying a Hello Kitty lunch box was overpriced and a waste of money and if I wanted it that badly, I could wait until I had my own money to buy it.



I guess you can say that I found a way. And I haven’t looked back.

I don’t plan on decking out my entire house in Hello Kitty (I’ve seen the pics and my level of obsession doesn’t even come close). But I do find it hard to resist when I see Hello Kitty themed….anything. And it certainly doesn’t help that I live in the heart of Hello Kitty Land.52.jpg

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