Day 81

Day 81: Yakult


I confess I didn’t believe in the power of Yakult until I visited my family in the Philippines last year and I came down with a wretched case of food poisoning. I was essentially confined to the bed and within crawling distance of the toilet, fever chills, diarrhea, the works.

I don’t exactly remember what it was that I ate or drank that gave me the food poisoning. But after that not so lovely experience, I began drinking the stuff on a daily basis.

Yakult is a yogurt-based drink filled with probiotics to strengthen your gut’s immunity against nasty germs and microbes. It’s definitely handy when you travel to foreign places and your belly isn’t acclimated to the local germies that can wreck havoc on your digestive system. I’m still leery when I travel and take the usual precautions against drinking the tap water, etc, but I have noticed that my regular consumption of Yakult has given me an extra boost when confronted with the stresses of travel.

It’s highly convenient that Yakult is sold in all grocery stores and mini-marts in Japan and most of Asia, but it’s something on my hunt-down list when I go back stateside.

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