Day 84

Day 84: Potty Humor


Yeah, I’m really behind, but life has been quite distracting as of late.

And yes that is a toilet. A fancy Japanese toilet. And yes I made sure to wipe down my phone with antibacterial wipes afterwards, but most people bring their phones when they go to the bathroom, so no judging.

And given my latest trip through Southeast Asia, I most certainly have a greater appreciation for a clean and functional toilet.

I’m sure there’s a study out there or some kind of data available where the Japanese, the ingenious people they are, determined that most of our lives will be spent commuting, sleeping, and quality bathroom time. And from this data, the Japanese have invested considerable effort in maintaining and ensurin superior performance in all three areas. I’ll talk about trains on mainland in another post, but for reals yo, it’s freaking difficult to beat the Japanese and their superior train system. I’m still undecided on futons. But the bathrooms in Japan are pretty darn spiffy.

This toilet is standard in most bathrooms, from personal residences to hotels to even in the subway stations in Japan. Seriously, you wouldn’t think clean and fancy toilet in a subway restroom, but I can honestly say I’ve encountered one or two unpleasant restrooms during my stay here in Japan which compared to the US as a whole, I mean, duuuuuuuude. These toilets come installed with bidet functions, a seat warmer, and if you’re like super shy about using a public toilet it comes with a music option which often plays the sound of a running stream or waterfall until you’re finito. There’s supposedly a curry restaurant dedicated to toilets (I know, uber odd).

I know this is an odd thing to miss when I go back stateside, but considering some of the restrooms I’ve had to venture into there and while visiting Southeast Asia (Actually, no, I really don’t want to think about it. At all. Really ever), then yes, it’s definitely on the miss list.

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