Day 86

Day 86: Vending Machines

Touch screen!

Waiting for my next connecting flight, I feel like now’s a good time to talk about Japanese vending machines. 

Unlike their American counterparts, you can find vending machines all over Japan from the middle of a rice field to the top of Mount Fuji (I highly doubt there are vending machines underwater but knowing the Japanese, it wouldn’t shock me if they did).

They’re also built to withstand anything from earthquakes to snow to even typhoons (Can this tech also be applied to my car? I feel like if there was a contest in which would outlast a typhoon unscathed, the vending machine would win hands down) 

These machines contain everything from ice cold coffee to hot corn soup in a can. There’s more variety on the mainland where you can buy sandwiches and even alcohol. 

It’s quite impressive, the sheer number of vending machines throughout Japan and that they’re always stocked. The only time I saw an empty vending machine was on a dirt road while I was biking in Kyoto. Seriously even when I climbed Mt. Fuji, the vending machines were all well stocked. But I suppose it doesn’t hurt that they charge 2x as much compared to the vending machines in Tokyo. Still, the fact that people go all the way to climb Mt. Fuji just to restock vending machines is impressive.

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