Day 87

Day 87: Jetlagged 

I’m currently waiting in the business lounge area (how I managed that I will say is pure dumb luck) at the Naha International Airport before I go onto my next adventure (Goooooood Morning Vietnaaaaaam! Or good night. I haven’t slept in 36+ hours so time is relative and all kinds of wibbly wobbly).

Sleepless Zombie Sarah

Naha Airport really is only 10 miles away, but given that the fastest you can drive on island is 45mi per hour, it’s quite the trek to get there, taking about a 35-50min drive on a good day. Slow driving complaints aside, it’s a decent sized airport and really, my only way off island. 

I’ve spent many sleepless mornings, driving or catching a cab straight to the airport right after night shift to escape island life for a quick weekend trip to the mainland or the rare chance to explore Asia (This week will be Sarah vs. The Amazing Race: Southeast Asia Edition). And as much as I don’t like the actual traveling/airport/train-hopping process, most of my encounters at Naha have been relatively painless. Everyone from the check-in counter to customs to the boarding gate is incredibly helpful and polite, practically the polar opposite to airplane travel in the states. And the airport food is totes delish.

Spam Musabiiiiii

Almost time to board, I’m defining going to miss this place especially knowing I have to go back to the migraine-inducing airports back stateside.

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