Day 89

Day 89: Face Masks

My go to beauty fix is face sheet masks, especially when you’re looking straight zombie coming off night shift and going right to the airport with crazy dark under eye circles. Different masks target different things,hydration, sensitive skin, etc, infused with everything from gold to bird’s nests to tea tree to even snail essence while some masks have designs (see Hello Kitty Shisa face mask featured above). Whenever I travel (And for whatever reason, it’s always right after I get off from work), I throw in a couple face masks in my backpack (The Biore Hydration Eye Masks are my favorite), put one on after takeoff, nap, and then take it sometime between drink service and landing (Really, you’re only supposed to wear it for 20 minutes but I have woken up to the landing announcement and the thing is still slapped on my face).

Mass distribution of face sheet masks hasn’t caught on stateside quite like in Asia, but I did hear the Korean version of Sephora is making its way stateside, so hopefully I won’t have to live too long without my masks and my facial mists (Another definite must when traveling!)


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