Day 88

Day 88: On Your Left

Whenever I move someplace new, it feels like I’m learning to drive all over again. You’re learning new roads, new places, getting the feel of going from place to place.



When I first moved to Okinawa, I was terrified of driving off base. I was terrified of driving period. At the time, my brain couldn’t comprehend driving on the LEFT SIDE of the road. It took a great deal of getting lost on island before I adjusted to driving on the wrong side of the road. Even when I went back to the states to visit, I managed to orient myself back to driving on the right. But I would frequently remind myself to stay on the right whenever I’d have a momentary lapse and try to turn into the left lane.

It’s definitely a handy skill to have, and once I get my international driver’s license, I’ll be able to drive around the UK, Australia, New Zealand and really any other country where they drive on the left side.

Now if I could only master stick shift, then my plans for world domination can kick into high gear. mwahah.

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