Day 90

Day 90: Pedicures



As much as I abuse them from my job, running, etc, I don’t do a very good job taking care of my feet. I really should considering how awesome the pedicures are. I mean, really, where else can I find a salon stateside that will paint tiny characters on my toes in stunning detail, massage my feet and calves (And I mean really work out the knots in my calves, I was all kinds of blissed out at my last pedicure), and serve iced tea under $40 (Give or take the exchange rate)? Nowhere! Nooooooowhere.


Totoro & Soot Sprites

Considering that I’ve been on island for almost 2 years, I’m surprised I’ve only had 4 pedicures. I might just have to make up for lost time and get my nails done once a month before I head home. heheh.


TARDIS & Daleks!

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