Day 95

Day 95: Shisa Love


Can I haz all plz?

(Yes, I’m terrible at the daily post thing, but between the shift work, meetings, and schoolwork, it tends to get away from you. On the plus side, only 1 week left of school!)

Shisa, similar to their Chinese counterparts, are guardian lion-dogs unique to Okinawa. Often depicted in pairs, Shisas are placed at entrances to bring good fortune and ward against evil spirits. The female Shisa sits on the left side with her mouth closed to keep the good luck, while the male Shisa sits on the right, mouth open to release all of the bad spirits.



I love Shisas. I especially love strange looking ones, the weirder the better. I can’t exactly pinpoint when the Shisa obsession began, but I can’t help myself when I find a unique Shisa set. I’m definitely feeling some remorse for not buying a pair I found in Miyakojima.

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