Day 96

Day 96: Daiso

“This are things that you want?”

“No, these are things that I NEED.”


I did get a little teary in the stationary section thinking about having to leave the 100 yen stores when I go back stateside. Don’t get me started on the actual crafting section. Seriously, it’s like reaching bargain nirvana and then ricocheting down to earth. Forever changed and never the same.

On a less dramatic note, it really is a fantastic place to find useful items at affordable prices. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser knock offs? Daiso. Replacement sewing machine needles? Daiso. Hello Kitty swag? Daiso. Ginger cough drops? Daiso. The real question isn’t what CAN you find at the Daiso, it’s what can you NOT find at the Daiso. It has practically everything and anything you didn’t think you needed in the first place. And for a crafter like me-self, it’s a treasure trove of crafting goods, glue guns, supplies, frames, the list goes on. For example, a crafting project of mine involves creating dancing Baby Groots, similar to the dancing Baby Groot at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy (One of the best movie soundtracks EVER).

Before     ||      After

Dancing Baby Groot Mark I

Groot head and dancing flower body aside, everything else I picked up from the Daiso, from the scissors to the fake grass, the paint, the pliers, everything.

I hear there’s Daiso stores out in Seattle and the West Coast, but I think a part of my heart will still contest that it isn’t exactly the same or as wonderfully magical as the original.

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